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Henan Jielida Super Hard Products Co., Ltd.

Culture ● Totems

Jellida's "Craft" are Craftsmen and Ingenuity. It is integrity and professional ethics. It is the spirit of simple, persistent, practical and innovative craftsmen. More importantly, it is to become a Leading country’s craftsman. Reporting industry repay the country. Jelida people have lofty ideals and aspirations. But first of all, we are craftsmen and craftsmen. It's a noble and humble person. Specific jobs, He is a man proud of his ingenuity.

Whatever position you are in, We all have an ingenuity, adhering to the spirit of craftsmen, Keep improving our products and services. We are all the time. Continuous self-criticism and self-polishing, Strong with details and quality. We want efficiency in production, but we must not be impetuous. Blind pursuit of short, fair and immediate benefits, Ignoring the products entrusted by ingenuity Quality and soul.

Our products and services come from machinery and equipment. But we must always remember, It's not a cold machine that makes us successful. It's a heart-warming, sincere ingenuity. The ingenuity of Jellida, Like soul to body. As we look up at the stars, Because there are our dreams; We are down-to-earth at the same time. Because we are simple craftsmen. We are Jellidas. We are the creators of the soul!

Enterprise Spirit

Spirit of craftsman, generation inherit

Today, after 40 years of rapid development, China has become the second largest economy in the world, but its economic development structure is seriously unbalanced. The "Made in China" which relies on its achievements is not praised, but advocates "intelligent" and "creative" in China. Since 2016, the spirit of craftsmen has formally entered the work report of the national government, and has been frequently raised by the national leaders. The reason why the spirit of craftsmen has been promoted to the strategic position of the country is because of the need of new economic development in the new era. It is an urgent need for the nation to call back the spirit of craftsmen that has been lost for hundreds of years and to return to "China's smart manufacturing".

Craftsmanship is not advocated today. Just over two centuries ago, China's GDP was the highest in the world, because our ancestors were diligent and wise, with profound cultural connotations and closely related to the advocation of craftsmanship. In the past two centuries, the West, Japan and South Korea have learned our tradition, and many great masters and centuries-old brands have been born because they have spent generations on one thing and one product. It is difficult for us to have such high skills and masters as the four great inventions, silk, ceramics, water conservancy, architecture, Luban, Li Chun and Li Shizhen. It has nothing to do with our loss of tradition and craftsmanship.

From the beginning of its entrepreneurship, Jellida developed by its persistent pursuit of technology. Today, the Jelitans must identify with, advocate and carry forward the spirit of craftsmen, and integrate the spirit of craftsmen into the marrow, which will be passed on from generation to generation. Contrary to that, Jellida's common enemy. Jellida's craftsmanship (entrepreneurship) should at least be dedicated, dedicated, innovative and refined.

Enterprise Vision

Century craftsman’s spirit, grinding dream

Centennial enterprise is the persistent pursuit goal of Jellida people. Craftsmanship is the ambition of the "big country craftsmen" of the Jelitans and the origin of the craftsmanship spirit. Don't forget the first heart, go to rush when you have a dream. Jellida's business vision is to take root in the ultra-precision grinding industry, surpass products, technology and services, uphold the spirit of craftsmen, become "China's smart manufacturing" craftsmen, prosper and strengthen China's industry, and serve the global high-end manufacturing industry.

This is Jellida's grinding dream and Chinese dream. It is a simple group of Chinese people who understand and realize the Chinese dream. What does Jellida do to realize our grinding dream? Of course, it is sincere ingenuity and persistent craftsmanship. We are willing to continue this dream for a hundred years with the efforts of generations of Jelitans. This is the will and glory of the Jelitans.

Enterprise Mission

Leading country’s craftsman, industry repay the country

When ultra-precision grinding and other equipment manufacturing has long been monopolized by the major developed countries such as Germany, the United States, Japan and Korea, it undoubtedly greatly restricts the development of Chinese industry. Only by devoting oneself to technology and daring to innovate, can it be possible to rewrite the rules, break taboos and reproduce the hope and vitality of Made in China. At present, when China's manufacturing industry is in a downturn and the world's powers are around, Jellida is not tempted by immediate short-term interests (such as investing in real estate or making faster profits in low-end manufacturing), but insists on technological innovation and craftsmanship, and ultimately wins the global markets of Europe, America, Japan and South Korea by virtue of its products and technological strength.

When faith becomes a scarce resource in today's commerce, Jellida can also adhere to the spirit of craftsmanship, like a "clean stream of turbid times". Yes, there's always someone to do something. Just as Jellida insists on the spirit of craftsmanship and proves once again that Made in China is hopeful with practical actions.

Every citizen hopes that China, a big country, will rise again. The Jelitans are equally duty-bound. The rise of big powers requires large-scale heavy equipment, such as aerospace industry, high-end equipment manufacturing and so on. Big-scale heavy equipment needs large-scale craftsmen to provide ultra-precision grinding, such as Jellida. It is Jellida that seizes the historical opportunity and chooses Jellida. It is the glorious mission entrusted by the human civilization process to the great artisans of Jellida, so that the ready Jellida is qualified to serve the country with industry and benefit the global industry.

"To be a great craftsman and to serve the country with industry" is the mission of Jelita's enterprise. This is the patriotic and dedicated strong will and national feelings of the Jelida people.

Enterprise Belief

Achieve the future by craft, Change the world by technology

The historical experience and achievements of Europe, America, Japan and Korea tell us that insisting on craftsmanship and technological innovation can achieve a generation of masters, an enterprise and a country's industry. China's history also tells us that our blood has the genes of craftsmanship. Jellida believes that ingenuity can achieve self, enterprise and future.

The four great times of the four industrial revolutions of modern and contemporary mankind (steam age, electrical age, information age and today's intelligent age) were initiated by technological innovation and innovation. Facts have proved that technology changes the world and promotes the progress of human civilization. As an industrial technology enterprise, as a Jellida craftsman, we firmly believe that ingenuity can achieve the future, technology can change the world. This is our belief. We also hope to achieve ourselves and contribute to the progress of human civilization. Because we are the national and the world's Jelida.

Enterprise Values

Innovation and Universal love

Solid work

Empty talk misleads the country and practical work rejuvenates the country. No good industry, no big market, no grand blueprint, no specific goals and plans, if not put into action, will be zero. Without absolute and perfect expectations, we can see the truth by doing. Actual work is not brutal work. It relies on scientific decision-making, reasonable objectives and investment planning to implement and practice corrections efficiently. Actual work is subjective, active, continuous and dynamic. It is the first value of Jellida and a prerequisite for a craftsman. Speaking without foundation, doing is the basic standard to test every Jelitan.


Craftsmen who are keen on innovation and invention have always been an important driving force for the progress of science and technology in the world. Innovation is the main connotation of craftsmen'spirit. Innovation is a necessary ability for Jellida to keep competitive vigor, adapt to the trend of external dynamic environment and develop steadily and continuously. Innovation is to revolutionize constantly, break away the life of empiricism and path dependence, and preserve the lively vitality of Jellida. Innovation is the spirit of daring to break and confront the rules and regulations and the old system. It is another way to do a good job and the unlimited possibility of enterprise development.


If we want to love everything extensively, we must have enough mind and courage, as well as full thoughts and enthusiasm. Love is a kind of energy, love the challenge of work, love the changes in the market, love the troubles of customers, you can use fraternity to meet, embrace and resolve. Love gives the soul of products, and love makes technology progress. Love is a kind of ability, through their own efforts, to the team, colleagues in the actual help, to the family with a sense of security. Love is a kind of influence, and love is the source of Jellida's endless development. A philanthropist is loved by others.

To bear

If the leader takes the responsibility, the employees will be happy; if every Jelita takes the responsibility, the enterprise will grow and grow. The best test is to measure how much value a Jelitan has achieved and how much contribution he has made. Every Jelitan should be loyal to his duties, devoted to his duties, fearless of pressure, dare to act bravely and be upright. It is not only the value requirement of Jellida, but also the foundation for us to settle down. How much filial piety have we done for our children? How much responsibility do we do as parents? How much loyalty do we have to be ministers? How much help have we done for our superiors? How much value has it created for entrepreneurs and society? In Jellida, where there is something to be done, we give more responsibility and reward to those who are more responsible.

Master Hall

Jelida people do not worship money and power, but we worship great masters who have made great contributions to human civilization and development. They are like the sun, the moon and the stars, pointing out the direction for us, and interpreting all the meanings of craftsmanship spirit. Master Hall is the spiritual Hall of Jellida. It contains the hopes, beliefs, glories and dreams of Jellida people. It is the source of the wisdom and strength of the Jellida people. On the arduous and lonely road of pursuing dreams, it is our spiritual support and soul companion.

Salute to the Master!

The Grand Master Hall of Jellida is located in the first floor lobby of the administrative building of the Jellida Henan Wuzhong Factory. This is a sacred and beautiful place. Welcome to experience the spirit of Jellida craftsmen and pay tribute to the master!

For details of corporate culture, ritual execution and behavior management, please read the Handbook of Corporate Culture. Come to JELIDA, feel it personally, and be inspired by the endless aftertaste.

Jellida's 《Handbook of Corporate Culture》