CBN Characteristics of Diamond


 Artificial diamond is the main product of our company. We have many years of export experience. Our products and services range to the United States, Europe, Japan, India and other parts of the world, especially the production and processing of fine-grained diamond and diamond powder.

Artificial diamond is synthesized from graphite and other carbon materials with some metals or alloys as catalysts under higher pressure and high temperature. It is the hardest synthetic material known so far. It has many unique physical and mechanical properties, such as high hardness and compressive strength, excellent wear resistance, small thermal expansion and good thermal conductivity, as well as chemical element stability. Therefore, synthetic diamond and its products are especially suitable for the processing of hard and non-metallic materials and are widely used in machinery, metallurgy, geology, petroleum, coal, building materials and optical instruments. Equipment, instrumentation, electronics, national defense industry and cutting-edge technology departments.

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