Product introduction

Large diameter ceramic bond CBN grinding wheel


Usage equipment:

This product is a complete set of double-end grinding machine for our company. It is also used in Germany, Korea, Italy and other imported grinding machines.

Diameter: 600mm-1500mm

Aperture: 200mm-500mm

Matrix thickness: 50mm-100mm

Particle size: 100 meshes - 1500 meshes

CBN working layer thickness: 5mm-7mm

CBN Shape: Cylinder, Hexagon, Fan, Square

Durability: Grinding M2 high-speed steel slider 25mm *25mm, grinding in JELIDA 2MM8470, 84100 grinding machine, the number of workpieces can reach more than 1 million pieces.

Precision、 flatness and parallelism of lapping disc: <0.02mm
Accuracy of workpiece: roughness 0.1um-1.2um flatness 0.001mm-0.004mm, parallelism less than 0.002mm, equal height less than 0.002mm


1. high grinding efficiency.

2.has a high abrasive resistance(wheel abrasive resistance is high, abrasive consumption is small, most obviously when grind M2 high-speed steel workpiece).

3.grinding force is large, grinding temperature is low

4.The grinding workpiece has high precision, good surface quality, and good flatness.

Scope of application:

Precision grinding process of refractory materials such as high-speed steel, bearing steel, tool steel, and stainless steel powder metallurgical cast iron. Typical workpiece: Air-conditioned refrigerator compressor slider, Valve plate, automobile steering pump, blade, rotor stator with block gauge and thin wall bearing and other high flatness workpiece.